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  • I am forever indebted to this miracle healer, Shirliey Fung, and cannot recommend her enough. By the way of history, I have had challenges with women’s health issues since childhood after being diagnosed with a uterine anomaly followed by struggles with endometriosis, fibroids, infertility, a left fallopian tube so twisted a doctor called it a “pretzel” post surgery, and painful menses. Shirliey took a thorough history and came up with a treatment plan with me. She tailored recommendations in such a lovely, collaborative and professional way. I was taken by how clean her practice was and her attention to detail. After a few sessions, I called Shirliey concerned that my period had not come and she encouraged me to take a pregnancy test (which I had sworn I would never take another one since I was just shy of my 40th birthday and never had a positive anyway). I was shocked it was positive. -Mir D

  • My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 3 1/2 years, and I've tried everything. I mean everything. Fertility drugs (multiple kinds), IUI (multiple times), IVF (multiple times), acupuncture for 6+ months, multiple times a week, at another top clinic in the Bay Area, and nothing worked.  I hadn't fully given up, because I am only 32, but my hope was low.  My husband and I were going into our 3rd IVF attempt, and I thought I would give acupuncture one last shot. SHIRLIEY GOT ME PREGNANT THE FIRST MONTH I SAW HER.  
    Now I know I did
    IVF as well, but I had done IVF 2 other times without success. I've never had a more sincere intake and such true empathy. She gave me a few "not annoying" tips on my nutrition that I was so open to, because of the way she delivered them.  Whatever she did was magic.  
    I'm now 16 weeks pregnant, and still seeing Shirliey on a weekly or twice monthly basis.  She continue to be a life saver through
    morning sickness and all.  I missed a few weeks, and never felt worse.  As soon as I went back, I felt better again. I know this might sound skeptical, or like everyone else's story, but it's not a coincidence that when I saw her I got pregnant, and when I feel badly, she makes me feel better. It's truly magic.  I love Shirliey! -Angela

  • I am so glad I found Shirliey. I began seeing her three months before doing an IVF FET transfer. I am married to a woman and we did IVF so I could carry my wife's child. I was not sure if I had any fertility problems before attempting to get pregnant but my wife and I are both considered advanced maternal age so I wanted to make sure I was in tip-top health and had done everything for my fertility possible before doing the embryo transfer. At our first meeting Shirliey gave me a lot of advice, including dietary tips. She is always incredibly warm and friendly and very attentive to all the details of my health. Well, I did end up getting pregnant on our first try! I am now four months along and I have continued seeing Shirliey throughout the first trimester as she has been very helpful in treating the side effects to all those pesky IVF medications and also pregnancy symptoms. My visits have always been greatly relaxing and supportive, which has been great as IVF can be pretty stressful. Thanks Shirliey! -RM

  • Thanks to Shirliey’s treatments, my pregnancy was free of any complications. I maintained great energy, remained calm and free of fear, I did not suffer from varicose veins, hemorrhoids, headaches, mood swings, or edema. The problems that did arise, such as insomnia, anemia, and bloating/nausea were all eliminated with  my acupuncture visits. I highly recommend acupuncture for pre and postnatal care. On occasion, I still use acupuncture to help with breast milk production. Shirliey is a special woman and a talented, compassionate practitioner. -Kristen

  • I have been seeing Shirliey for the last 6 months and I can not recommend her enough! I initially found Shirliey because I had heard great things about Mayan massage and acupuncture to support fertility. My husband and I suffered from infertility for 4 1/2 years, (including multiple failed IUIs). Upon meeting Shirliey, I was instantly drawn to her intelligence, kindness and professionalism. Within 3 months of seeing Shirliey on a weekly basis for Mayan massage and acupuncture, I conceived naturally and my husband and I are now expecting our first baby. The combination of her care, skill, and dietary advice really helped us. Additionally, if I'm ever suffering from indigestion, insomnia, joint pain, etc Shirliey heals it right away and I am continually amazed by her healing methods. I now consider Shirliey a dear friend and will continue to see her regularly! –Kaitlin

  • My husband and I started seeing Shirliey when we started IVF and I'm so glad we did. I was looking for an acupuncturist that specializes in fertility and I found so much more. Spoiler alert, eight months later, I'm 18 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. She's knowledgeable, compassionate, and an excellent active listener. She kept me sane during a very stressful time and physically I feel revived after every session. My husband continues to see her monthly to alleviate his asthma and high BP
    For expectant moms having
    difficulty conceiving and/or possibly going through IVF, I implore you to consider acupuncture with Shirliey. Don't do this alone. She is part of my healthcare team, my cheerleader and my friend. I'm grateful for her support and owe my successful IVF cycle,  in part, to her expertise. -Bridget

  • All my life I've suffered with digestive diseases. I've been hospitalized several times with ulcerative colitis and diverticulitis. The last five years have been miserable with bloating, constant pain, and chronic constipation. I couldn't eat a small bowl of soup without blowing up to look as if I were seven months pregnant. I saw many specialists and had many medical tests performed on me. No answers. One day my doctor suggested that I try acupuncture. When I found my way to Shirliey in February of this year, I pretty much knew that I was beyond hope. I was wrong! Acupuncture has brought me relief that I didn't think possible. For the first time in five years, I'm not suffering from abdominal pain and bloating! And, while I had been haunted each night with really bad dreams, I can even remember my last nightmare! Thank you, Shirliey, for your on-going encouragement and knowledgable practice. I'm proof that acupuncture works. -Jeannine

  • I first saw Shirliey in September of 2005. I had been having an uncontrolled menstruation for seven months straight. My OBGYN said it was stress induced and there wasn't anything she could do besides prescribe more pharmaceutical drugs. I was reluctant to take more chemicals into my body. I was also suffering from terrible constipation and poor sleep due to nightmares. After only a few sessions with Shirliey, my menstruation was regulated and for the first time in nearly a year I had a good night's sleep-the nightmares had ceased! Shirliey is extremely knowledgeable in Chinese Medicine and how it works in the body, but I believe she also has a wonderful intuitive sense about her. I am thankful for a natural healthcare alternative and to have met such a compassionate healthcare provider. -Dhyana, 21

  • I have suffered from migraines for more than 40 years. I have tried everything from biofeedback to daily doses of prescribed medicine. Nothing was able to break the cycle of debilitating headaches occurring one to three times a month, lasting from two to five days in duration. After only a few treatments by Shirliey, the migraine cycle was broken and I continued to be virtually headache free for the next eight months. I have seen Shirliey on a regular basis and am amazed by the powerful, restorative effects of her treatments. Her technique is performed with a gentle, confident, strength that leaves me feeling calm and rejuvenated. I am so grateful to have finally found an answer to not only my migraines, but my quest for an effective, empowering healthcare option. -Vicki, 51

  • Shirliey is "off the charts" amazing! I started going to her for acupuncture in June of 2016. I had been trying to get (and stay) pregnant for 6 years and Shirliey was recommended to me, specifically for fertility.  I didn't know what to expect when I started seeing her. Honestly, after six years of infertility, I thought, and was told by my doctor, that getting pregnant wasn't likely. One year later and I am 5 months pregnant! I couldn't have done this without her. Shirliey is a kind, generous person. She is an amazing listener, and shows real care and attention to her clients. And of course, she is clearly a very talented acupuncturist. -SA

  • Shirliey is incredible!!  I started seeing her for Maya Abdominal Therapy and acupuncture when my husband and I weren't having success getting pregnant, even though our fertility tests all came back fine.  Shirliey has been incredibly caring, patient, supportive, and effective along this journey of pregnancy - physically and emotionally.  She provides wonderful care, is an open and non-judgmental listener, gives helpful advice on nutrition and self-care, and is always positive and encouraging.  I'm in my second trimester and have been feeling great.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for fertility help, or acupuncture for any reason! -M

  • I cannot say enough wonderful things about Shirliey and Wealth Acupuncture. Dealing with secondary infertility and several miscarriages along with a complete distrust in the medical field I was referred to Shirley through a friend. I have done Acupuncture in the past but it was her vast knowledge of maternal issues that drew me in. Both my husband and I have been seeing Shirliey. It has been 5 months and she treats me for pregnancy, since I am now almost 5 months pregnant, and my husband for various issues. If you want to feel safe and supported and you want a treatment plan that works you must see Shirliey. -JM

  • I fell pregnant after my first full cycle with Shirliey and after 15 months of trying to conceive.  Following frustrating complications from fertility treatments, I decided to take a break from the fertility clinic and try acupuncture.  I read the great reviews about Shirliey and during our first conversation on the phone I already felt at ease with her.  Shirliey is very calm, kind and extremely knowledgeable - those traits even come through over the phone!   It was an added bonus that Shirliey is also licensed in Maya Abdominal Massage.  The combination of the massage and acupuncture really did change my outlook and my physical well-being.  After a few weeks I felt better than I had in years.  I am now 13 weeks pregnant and have continued my treatments with Shirliey through my first trimester.  I am sure I wouldn't be where I am today without her outstanding care.  I am so thankful I found Shirliey and highly recommend her - especially to anyone struggling with fertility. -TD

  • I'm a little shy to admit this via yelp, but I suffer from what I deem "digestive issues"...ok, if you must know, constipation. On and off for...oh, about 17 years.  I know, I know...perhaps I should have looked into things sooner.  Things recently came to a stand-still, and I suffered for about 2 months (which included one embarrassing and bloated Hawaiian vacation where my entire extended family knew all the details of my daily movement or lack thereof).  Upon return from said vacation, I promptly scheduled a colonoscopy and hit the yelp reviews for a reputable acupuncturist in Oakland.
    Enter Shirliey, whom I can't recommend highly enough.  I chose Shirliey because of her excellent yelp reviews, and because I felt the Mayan Abdominal Massage sounded promising as additional treatment for my sluggish system.  Following my 2nd treatment of acupuncture and the abdominal massage, my digestion was running like clockwork.  I think that the weekly treatments from Shirliey have been incredibly helpful, and I believe that the self-massage for my abdomen that she taught me (& which I practice daily) is the single most influential factor.  Quite honestly, I have tried everything (in addition to a very healthy diet which includes lots of water, fiber, daily exercise & yoga)  to keep my system running smoothly - nothing has worked like this simple & effective massage technique.  The office treatments are relaxing, and the self-care treatment feels empowering - finally, I have something supportive that I can actually do for myself.
    Shirliey is kind, attentive, knowledgeable, and both very direct and simultaneously gentle in her delivery of acupuncture & communication regarding my health.  You're in good hands.

  • Acupuncture works well for me and Shirliey helped me with 2 things most specifically. I had some dental surgery where a dentist accidentally nicked a nerve. For several weeks I was feeling horrible pain up into my face and down  my neck. I was feeling helpless and didn't know what to do. Someone suggested acupuncture, which I hadn't considered for mouth pain. The very next day after seeing Shirliey the pain went from a 10 to a 4 and after seeing her the second time it went from a 4 to a 1. What a relief!!
    Shirliey also helped with some
    hot flashes I was having. They were inconvenient to say the least and after one visit and some Chinese herbs, they were almost completely gone. Thank you !! -BP